the sky is like pink before violet
When compared to the harsh reality of the life we live, our childhood is nothing but a pleasant deception, a paradise away from the certainty and the finality of our adult lives. The things we believed in our hearts as children were as real then as they will be imaginary to us once we reach adulthood and succumb to the twisted transcendence of growing up. Perhaps the toughest thing a child can endure is the pain of realizing that what he believed without question was nothing but naivety, a myth accepted without thought or consideration--a sad fate we all withstand. But for now, I prefer my illusion; I cling to it, I cherish it, I embrace this fantasy of childlike innocence. Not to escape the pain of reality do I refuse to succumb, but for the joy of being able to remember, to commemorate my brief, fleeting years of happy indifference to the world I lived in.
Best winter ever!
  1. Best winter ever!

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